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is Andrew Scharff, performing in as many places as possible for as many people as possible, with the simple goal of spreading laughter and connecting different people through the international language of physical comedy and circus.


After four successful tours that have spanned 13 countries with over 75 shows for over 7500 people, Andrew is hoping to continue in 2021 (or the way things are going, maybe 2022) with another tour in South America.  Andrew is hoping to perform in a few, yet to be determined countries. Just like in the past, those performances could be for a local school, an orphanage, in a local community center, as a fund raiser for a local charity, or any kind of location that can hold a crowd of 100-1000 people.


    This website is obviously a work in progress but for photos and info on past shows feel free to follow the links above or to the left to the instagram and facebook pages.


Give ‘em a hand:


    Do you know any people or organizations in South America that you think would appreciate such a visit? Let them know about Clown the World or let Clown the World know about them. If it doesn’t happen for the next trip, hopefully it will for a future trip.


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More About Andrew


Andrew has performed with circuses all over the US, Japan and in 5 European countries including a command performance in Vatican City for his holiness Pope John Paul the 2nd.  He's been to 5 international clown festivals in China and spent the majority of the last 5 years performing on a cruise ship that visited the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East,  Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Alaska.  As much as he enjoyed this part of his life, he's looking forward to a trip where he can perform for the people of the places he visits and not just out in the middle of the sea.

Past trips


Someday we’ll have a fancy clickable map of all the places Clown the World has performed, info about all the great work our hosts do and links for people to donate to them.  For now we just have this list.  Check it out and let us know if you’d like more info about any place or group.

2016 Tour


Costa Rica

Chilamate Rainforest Eco Retreat in Sarapiqui



Comamos Juntos, in Mangua

Famileas Especiales in Matagalpa

Escuela de Mimo e Comedia in Grenada

Mexico, San Miguel de Allende

Casa de los Angles now combined with Centro Infantil de Los Angeles


Hogar Mexicito

Guatemala, Antigua de Guatemala

Niños de Guatemala


Education for the Children


Voces de Silencio

El Salvador

Iglesia La Puerta Abierto in Santa Ana​

Colegio Santa Gemma in Santiago de Maria


Cornerstone Foundation


Helping Honduran Kids in La Ceiba


Farm of the Child in Trujillo

2017 Tour



Our host was Antonio Singh of the Rotary Club and he took had us doing shows all over and outside the city of David


3 Shows at different SOS Children's Homes in David, Penonome and Panama City 

Hogar Malambo in Panama City


 Lots of shows set up by the wonderful Minga House in Chinchina

A joing show between Kids Save Colombia and SOS Children's Village in Bogota

2019 Tour


A couple great shows set up by Rotary Club Cartagena in Cartagena, Colombia

Foundation Granitos de Paz​



So many shows in Arequipa, Ayacucho, and Lima set up by

Suyay Wasi

SOS Children's Village

Live Simply 4 Orphans

Alto Selve Alegre

Casa Hogar de Ninos Amor de Dios

Casa Hogar de Ninos Cotolengo

2020 Tour


Shows set up by Blossoms of Guyana in Timheri and  Soesdyke 


Lots of shows with the Kiwanis Club of Paramaribo

French Guiana

Lots of shows with the Kiwanis Club de Cayenne

2021 Ugh

2022 Less ugh

2023  ??????

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